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Keto Living Podcast with Trina Krug

Apr 26, 2018

Episode 3: Hot Topic Q&A

Today I answer the following questions:

How do I figure out my macros?

Do I need to record what I eat?

Why do I feel like crap?

Can I still eat fruits and vegetables?

If I eat sugar, will it throw me out of ketosis?

Should I take ketones?

BONUS - you get to hear my 3 kids each ask a question...

Apr 26, 2018

Episode 2: Different types of Keto

There are 4 very different types of keto that can work for different types of people.  

Standard Keto, Cyclical Keto, Targeted Keto and  High Protein Keto. Learn what they are and what would work the best for you!

Free 7 Day Keto Plan for food and recipes:


Apr 25, 2018

Episode 1: Who am I and what is this podcast?

My name is Trina Krug and I am a Ketogenic Lifestyle Mentor.  I was Prediabetic with Hashimoto's and I made it my mission to reverse what I could.  This is what led me down the Ketogenic path.  

Take some time and learn about me and connect with me!  

This podcast is going...